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Computers in the Hangar?

XTS has been in use for over three decades. From the early days of DOS based computers, XTS has helped maintenance engineers maintain logbook and maintenance records for the aircraft they look after.

Now with comprehensive functionality that allows maintenance personnel to interact with a cloud based system from a tablet on the Hangar Floor. Remote real time lookups on Inventory Items and Log Book checks are easy.

Evaluation Programs are supplied on a time based trial, so you can determine if they fit with your way of operating.

Looking for General Aviation Services?

Conveniently located in the Gold Coast of South East Queensland, and close to the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, we service a large regional area.

Typically we service General Aviation, from flight training aircraft, agricultural and fire-bombing utility aircraft, through to twin engine Charter aircraft.

We are always willing to provide referrals to someone who can help you if we can't.